Class Description

Alta Circuit: Signature class that guarantees the Ultimate Alta body.


Alta Cardio: Our own all over body work out all over Alta Gym.
Pilates:  Well-known popular body defining workout focusing on core and stability.
Spinning: High Intensity indoor cycling focusing on endurance, strength through intervals training.
Ballet: Drift, Relax and flow back in music to your childhood steps. Let the choreography ease your mind and soul.
Zumba: is” fitness-fun” that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration.
Self Defense: Kick and punch until you drop…
Hip Hop: Street dance to funky choreography to pop music.
Abdominals: Abdominal focus session for eternal 6 pack.
CrossCore: Revolutionary method of suspension training using own bodyweight exercises for a comprehensive full body workout.
Salsa: Famous, Fun and Exotic Latino dance for maximum cardio and shaping results.
Belly Dance:  Ancient Middle Eastern dance made of hips and abdomen sensuous moves.
Yoga: Physical, mental and spiritual practices to relieve stress, increase strength and flexibility.
Spanish Workout:   Learn words and moves the Energetic Spanish way.